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Directory of Resources for Refugees & Migrants in Brighton & Hove

Where can I find an Arabic interpreter? How can I meet other Kurds? Where can I get legal advice? I’m destitute and have nowhere to live: who will help me?

You can find the answer to all these questions and more in our new, updated directory of resources for refugees and migrants in Brighton & Hove on our local resources page.

This directory lists organisations which offer support to or are taking action for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. It also lists organisations which offer specific services of interest to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, as well as refugee, asylum seeker and migrant community groups which provide support across the city.

The directory is updated regularly, so if you spot any errors, please contact us at Sanctuary on Sea at [email protected]

Many thanks to Wiz Bishop, Ben Campbell and Humeira Yaqub for their help with updating this Directory.