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Proud to be a welcoming city

Brighton & Hove has always embraced and thrived on difference. The caring people here want to welcome people seeking sanctuary. We can give them a new start and they bring skills and culture that enrich our home.

We are Sanctuary on Sea, the local City of Sanctuary group, and we foster a culture of welcome in Brighton & Hove.

We want to be the most welcoming UK city for people seeking sanctuary

We need to challenge the irrational demonisation of refugees. Anti-immigration politicians and journalists try to blame refugees and migrants for almost every social problem. Refugees have had to flee for their lives, suffered tragic loss along the way and simply want to rebuild their lives in a new home.

Brighton & Hove is lucky to have many organisations and individuals with the skills and experience to tackle fear, isolation and exclusion so that all newcomers thrive in our city.

Sanctuary on Sea brings them together and campaigns to help Brighton & Hove become the most welcoming city for people seeking sanctuary.

Be a part of the City of Sanctuary movement

City of Sanctuary is a national network, a movement of local groups made up of businesses, community organisations and individuals, all with one thing in common; their belief that sanctuary seekers should be welcomed, and that their contribution to society should be celebrated.

How can you help make Brighton & Hove the most welcoming city in the UK

  • We invite you, whether you are an individual, business or local organisation, to pledge your support to the movement and get involved in any way that feels right for you. We can offer ideas, contacts and help to turn your support into practical action.
  • Apply for a Sanctuary Award for your club, school, nursery, library, university, or garden
  • Take part in our annual Refugee Week celebrations of the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees. It is a brilliant way to enjoy everything that we have in common.
  • Help with our campaign to find affordable accommodation for Afghan refugees. We can only welcome them if they have somewhere to settle.
  • The Government does a poor job of welcoming refugees nationally and that has an impact on what we can do locally. Join our national Together with Refugees campaign to change the law.