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Proud to be a welcoming city

Brighton & Hove has always embraced and thrived on difference and is famed for celebrating the diversity of its residents.

Help us make Brighton & Hove a City of Sanctuary

Life is often desperately hard for asylum seekers and refugees living in exile in the UK. Lots of organisations and individuals in Brighton & Hove are working to support those who come to our city for their safety. The Brighton & Hove City of Sanctuary movement brings them together and provides a simple platform so that others can join in.

People seeking sanctuary have lost their homes and families yet bring all kinds of skills, arts, food and culture, that enrich our city.

Why City of Sanctuary in Brighton & Hove?

  • We want to celebrate the contribution of those that have come here for safety.
  • We hope to reduce isolation, fear, and exclusion.

We invite you, whether you are an individual, business or local organisation, to pledge your support to the movement and get involved in any way that feels right for you. We can offer ideas, contacts and help to turn your support into practical action.

City of Sanctuary is a national network, a movement of local groups made up by businesses, community organisations and individuals, all with one thing in common; their belief that sanctuary seekers should be welcomed, and that their contribution to society should be celebrated.

In Brighton & Hove, we coordinate the annual Refugee Week celebrations of the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees. We bring people together from across all communities to share and enjoy everything that we have in common.