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Every year during National Refugee Week we celebrate how people who have found sanctuary in our city have helped make Brighton & Hove the exciting, vibrant and diverse place we love. For Refugee Week 2024, we are aiming to celebrate it by organizing amazing creative and cultural events for the community to come together and support refugees.
The theme this year is “Our Home” – reflecting on what home means to all of us, from the places we gather to share meals to our collective home, planet Earth. This Refugee Week let’s practice solidarity and work to make Our Home a more welcoming, safe and sustainable place for all.
The Sanctuary on Sea team will be working with other Sanctuary awardees and other support organisations and individuals to coordinate the event events happening during the refugee and will be happy to support using the available resources in hand, including accommodating your events in the venues that will be booked and also with publication of your event or other possible means if we could. Thus, we welcome you to join us by hosting an event that aligns with this year’s theme. Events can include creative workshops, community stalls, live music, poetry, film screenings, panel discussions, and more.

Together we can make Refugee Week 2024 more welcoming and meaningful. I look forward to working with you to arrange more exciting events!

Please contact [email protected] if you want to arrange any event during the refugee week.