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Don’t lose sight of other conflicts: letter to MPs about DR Congo

We have written to our 3 local MPs to remind them about the importance of addressing the humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as Afghanistan.

Dear Caroline, Peter and Lloyd,

The steering committee of Sanctuary on Sea appreciate your ongoing support, especially at this time when Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC)are engaged in applying to renew our City of Sanctuary status BHCC are working with us to create a programme of welcome for Afghan refugees under the ARAP scheme.

We are challenging the behaviour of the Home Office in regard to the Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children place in a hotel in Hove, with, so far as we can tell, inadequate safeguarding provision, legal advice, or access to suitable clothing, appropriate food or any occupation or education.

You may not be aware of the role in the development of Sanctuary on Sea of Alex Ntung, himself a former refugee and now a British citizen and valuable member of the UK community. Alex was generous with his time and his clear guidance as we set up our fledgling organisation, and has remained a good friend.

Just last week we became aware of the tragic murder in DRC of Alex’s sister, Angelina. Alex writes movingly of his sister and the situation in his country of origin in the Hastings Independent

In particular he makes us aware of the failure to protect the population of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO). Angelina was killed less than a mile from the UN barracks.

I am writing to ask you to use your influence to raise awareness of the dreadful suffering of the people of the DRC, and to press for a review of the work of MONUSCO. The UN mission is “to take all necessary measures to ensure rapid, dynamic and integrated effective protection of civilians under threat of physical violence in the provinces where the Mission is currently deployed”. Alex’s obituary for his sister tells of the failure of this mission. We need to do better. Please use your influence to move things towards a more effective programme for the people of the DRC.

In our current and proper focus on Afghanistan we must not lose sight of our responsibilities to other conflict zones.

I await your comments with interest.


Angie Lynn
Sanctuary on Sea Committee Member

If you want more information what’s going on in that specific part of DRC, check out how US charity Mohoro Peace Association is helping.