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“Together we will defeat Corona with unity and empathy”

Three friends distributing newsletters while social distancing

Residents across Brighton & Hove have been in Covid lockdown for over six weeks now and many have found it a struggle.

Fortunately, one of the few pieces of good news emerging from the Coronavirus pandemic is how members of the community have stepped forward to do what they can to help others.

Iranian refugees Mos, Mohammed and Bistoun are part of that community response and contacted Sanctuary on Sea to ask what they could do to help. So over the last few days, they have been part of a team of volunteers across the city who have been delivering newsletters on behalf of Brighton and Hove City Council.

The three friends distributed over 1,500 newsletters to homes in Central Brighton and were delighted to do what they could to help the community that is their home now. Mos said:

“With love and affection, we say hello to each and every citizen in the dream city of Brighton and that together we will defeat Corona with unity and empathy. We are ready to do any useful work and want to sincerely thank the NHS, the government and the Council for all they are doing.”

The newsletters are part of the Council’s critical response and have essential information specific to each neighbourhood on how to access vital services at this time, for example financial advice, food banks, or mental health support.